Channel Tres – “Topdown” Video

Channel Tres is a Compton artist applying his LA neighborhood’s historic hip-hop sensibility to the uptempo dance music of Midwest urban centers like Chicago and Detroit. It’s not hip-house, at least not in the late ’80s sense, but on his self-titled EP for Godmode — the label that brought you Shamir, Yvette, and Yaeji among others — there are times when you can hear Dr. Dre’s squealing West Coast G-funk echoing in the backdrop of his music’s pulse-pounding thump.

One such example is “Topdown,” a song that casually drapes Tres’ deep narration across a fervent house beat that feels like it’s reverberating out of some basement across the street. The track gets a music video today via the YouTube channel of the 88Rising collective, who refer to Channel Tres as their “extended family.” Directed by Anthony Sylvester — brother of Godmode head Nick Sylvester — it features Tres and his friends living their best SoCal life. There is, of course, a convertible.

Watch the video below.

Channel Tres is out now on Godmode.