Interpol – “The Rover (DJDS Remix)”

Can you think of any classic Interpol remixes? No, right? I’ve been racking my brain, and the best I can come up with is Panda Bear’s 2015 reworking of “All The Rage Back Home.” And yet Interpol seem like such a remix-ready voice. They’ve got a sense of atmosphere and a rhythmic voice, and Paul Banks’ voice is sufficiently bitchy that he could, in the right situation, make a strong disco diva. So it should happen more often than it does. But this morning, we get a rarity: An Interpol remix that really slaps.

The Los Angeles dance duo DJDS are exactly the sort of group who should be remixing Interpol, and whoever thought to match them up should get a raise. The DJDS sound is a swirling, thoughtful take on classic disco-house. They’re also comfortable working with vocalists, collaborating with Kanye West on The Life Of Pablo and teaming up with vocalists like Khalid, Empress Of, The-Dream, and Kevin Drew on their recent album Big Wave More Fire.

DJDS have now done their thing with “The Rover,” the lead single from Interpol’s new album Marauder. They’ve done big things with Banks’ voice and the slinky guitar riff, turning it into an atmospheric house thumper. Listen below.

The remix is out now at the streaming services.

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