Hear Kurt Vile On Marc Maron’s WTF

Have you guys watched that Netflix series GLOW, the one about a real-life women’s pro wrestling production out of the Valley in the ’80s? It stars Alison Brie, and while watching Trudy from Mad Men learn how to do piledrivers and shit is pretty weird, what I really can’t wrap my head around is Marc Maron as an actor. I’ve come to think of him strictly as a standup comedian-turned-podcast host — yet there he is as the director of the wrestling show, delivering a believable emotional performance. Sure, the character is more than a little Maron-esque, but I was really impressed. Still wrapping up season 1, though, so no S2 spoilers, please.

Anyway, I mention this because Maron has a noteworthy musician on his podcast today. Kurt Vile, whose new album Bottle It In drops tomorrow, is there to discuss the things he and Maron both appreciate — “Tom Scharpling, the blues, Randy Newman, Neil Young, flat driveways” — as well as “Kurt’s unique upbringing with nine siblings in Philadelphia and the banjo that led to his development as a musician.” They also talk about the period Vile spent playing in the War On Drugs.

As he proved at an intimate solo gig I caught last month, Vile is an affable presence. Back then, Matt Sweeney was interviewing Vile, eventually dredging some great stories out of him. Will Maron pull of the same? Listen at Maron’s site to find out. (First, you’ll have to sit through a few minutes of Maron talking about the MC5 reunion show he recently attended, unless you skip to about the 16:30 mark.)

Bottle It In is out 10/12 on Matador.