Watch Isis Reunite At Caleb Scofield Tribute In LA

In 2014, people started confusing the militant band of terrorists ISIS with the post-metal band of musicians Isis. Last night they performed for the first time in eight years, following their break-up in 2010, under a new name, Celestial. The name comes from the title of an Isis album from 2000.

They reunited in Los Angeles at a tribute show for Caleb Scofield, the Boston metal musician who died earlier this year in a car accident. Celestial was billed alongside Scofield’s bands, Cave In and Old Man Gloom, as well as the indie-rock band 27 and post-metal instrumentalists Pelican. Watch Celestial’s performance below at the 1:55:00 mark.

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Never thought i would see this again 😍 ISIS

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