How To Dress Well – “Body Fat” Video

Later this week, Tom Krell, the LA-via-Chicago R&B mutater who records as How To Dress Well, will follow up his 2016 album Care with a new one called The Anteroom. We’ve already posted his video for first single “Nonkilling 6 | Hunger.” And today, he follows it up with another song and another video, this one for “Body Fat.”

On the new track, Krell sings in a tender falsetto over a melodic full-bodied thump. His lyrics address a relationship, but they also get into body-shame issues. There are a lot of ways, for instance, to read a line like this: “There’s just so much pain and anger in your body fat.”

As with the video for “Nonkilling 6 | Hunger,” Krell co-directed the “Body Fat” video with visual artist Justin Daashuur Hopkins. In the clip, we see Krell, shirtless and oiled-up. And we also see an empty, billowing version of his skin and CGI globules of what I guess is supposed to be body fat. It’s a tangible and disturbing rendition of the idea that we’re all just collections of cells tissue. Check it out below.

The Anteroom is out 10/19 on Domino.