Stream Vanilla Poppers’ New EP I Like Your Band

Imagine moving all the way across the planet so that you could keep your DIY punk band going. That’s the case for a couple of members of Vanilla Poppers, a band that was once based in Cleveland and is now based in Melbourne. Singer Christina Pap founded Vanilla Poppers when she moved from her Melbourne hometown to Cleveland in 2015. And she recently moved back home, two of her bandmates came with her.

Vanilla Poppers make bouncy, catchy old-timey hardcore, with classic rock riffs played very, very fast. Pap’s withering howl anchors the whole thing; she’s a hell of a presence. The band released a promising self-titled debut album last year, and now they’re coming out with a riotous, snarling four-song EP called I Like Your Band. You can stream the whole thing below.

I Like Your Band is out now on Feel It Records.