Stream This Will Destroy You’s Surprise Album New Others Part Two

This Will Destroy You are an instrumental post-rock quartet from San Marcos, Texas. Given where they’re from and what kind of music they make, it’s hard not to compare them to a band like Explosions In The Sky. But This Will Destroy You are a very different sort of band. They’re heavier and more experimental, and while their music can tug on your heartstrings from time to time, they’re more interested in bulldozing you with the enormity of their sound. And now they suddenly have a whole lot more of that sound.

Just a few weeks ago, This Will Destroy You came out with their album New Others Part One. It’s a grand and anthemic piece of work. The band recorded it with the great indie rock producer John Congleton, who knows how to make artists who might otherwise sound small into epic world-conquerers. And with Congleton working in their corner, This Will Destroy You made some grand, epic music — music that’s about as anthemic as de-centered instrumental music can be. And now they’ve done it again.

Today, This Will Destroy You have surprise-released a new album called New Others Part Two. Once again, they recorded it with Congleton. On first listen, it’s a heavy sprawl with some moments of outright beauty and others of gut-churn heaviness. Stream the new album below.

And since we never got around to posting it, here’s a stream of New Others Part One, as well:

Both of the New Others albums are out now on Dark Operative.