Strange Relations – “Sideline Kid”

Strange Relations have been putting out music since 2013, and around this time last year the Minneapolis duo released their sophomore full-length, Editorial You, an intoxicating blend of wiry rock songs that boasted some razor-sharp hooks. They’re following that up next week with a three-song EP, Sideline Kid, and today they’re sharing its title track.

It’s framed as advice to a creative kid who feels stifled by the confines of their hometown, or maybe it’s also a letter to a past self, and it alternates between quiet contemplation and feverish screes. There’s a lot bubbling just below the surface here, and when it bursts through in the last minute, it feels like a hard-earned victory told from the other side of the storm.

“Hey kid!” Casey Sowa sings. “You can wear what you wanna/ Don’t let them to you you’re not the same.” The song’s expansive and dreamy but also firmly locked into a groove, the urgent drums and swirling coos sounding like a wide open plain where the possibilities and potentialities are endless.

Listen below.

The Sideline Kid EP is out 10/23. Pre-order it here.