Watch Cardi B Talk Motherhood, Her Broken Vagina, & The Raccoons In New York On ‘Kimmel’

Once a year, Jimmy Kimmel Live goes on the road and tapes a week’s worth of shows in Brooklyn at the BAM Opera House. One year ago, Cardi B, the newly anointed Queen Of New York, made her late-night debut on the show. She was there to perform “Bodak Yellow,” then the #1 song in the country, and she absolutely radiated charisma. Last night was another one of Kimmel’s Brooklyn show. This time, she wasn’t there to perform. At this point, she’s famous enough to be the lead guest on the show.

Last night’s show, as a matter of fact, seemed to be entirely dedicated to New York’s Latinx community. The other guest on the show was Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the badass socialist Congressional candidate who is also Cardi’s fellow Bronx native. And the musical guest was J Balvin, a Cardi collaborator who is basically an honorary New Yorker. Cardi herself was, of course, in full-on delightful human-meme character.

Here, for instance, is Cardi B describing the joys of motherhood: “It’s like, ‘Oh, my gosh! I should’ve had you when I was a teenager!'” Here she is describing childbirth: “She broke my vagina.” (She also mentions that her publicist was in the delivery room, which gets a double-take from Kimmel.) And answering a goofy line of questioning about what she’d do if she were mayor of New York, Cardi gets very animated about the rats and raccoons in her hometown. Watch the interview below.

As someone who used to live across the street from Greenwood Cemetery, I can confirm that New York’s raccoons are no joke. Those motherfuckers are not scared of you.