Valee – “Awesome” (Feat. Matt Ox)

Do you guys know about Matt Ox? Because if you don’t, oh man, I need to tell you about Matt Ox. Matt Ox is a 13-year-old white rapper from Philadelphia. He sounds like Chief Keef if Chief Keef was a tiny white child. Last year, he went viral with his video for “Overwhelming,” mostly memorable because it’s a rap video full of kids playing with fidget spinners. All of this seems like a joke, but the world appears to be treating Matt Ox as a relevant and credible potential rap star. He appeared, for instance, on the album that XXXTentacion released earlier this year. And he sounded kind of good on it?

Anyway. All of this is a lead-up to say that Matt Ox now has a song with Valee. Valee is maybe the most intriguing member of this year’s upstart-rapper class, even though he is literally old enough to be Matt Ox’s father. (He’s 30, 17 years older than Matt Ox.) Valee’s playfully expansive singsong rap style has already been widely copied, and his “Womp Womp” is one of the best rap songs of the year. And today, he teamed up with Matt Ox on the new track “Awesome.”

“Awesome” is not as awesome as, for instance, Gucci Mane’s “Awesome.” But it’s pretty good. It’s a spaced-out flex of a song featuring two extremely different rappers who nevertheless find the same wavelength. Listen to it below.

“Awesome” is out on the streaming services now.

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