Watch Courtney Barnett Kick Ass On Seth Meyers

There aren’t that many people these days who are good at making fuzzed-up, cathartic rock music about feeling emotionally fucked up and off. It’s something of a lost art. And it’s been a long, long time since we’ve had someone as good at this particular thing as Courtney Barnett is. She is a total master at it, and we get reminded of this every time she plays a late-night show. Fortunately, this is something that she does pretty often.

Earlier this year, Barnett released her album Tell Me How You Really Feel. Since then, she has been all over the road, playing its songs in clubs and on festival stages and, yes, on a few of late-night shows. Last night, she was the musical guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers, where she busted out the evocatively titled deep cut “Crippling Self Doubt And A General Lack Of Self Confidence.”

Tell Me How You Really Feel is a relatively chill and restrained album, at least compared to its immediate predecessor. But when Barnett plays live, she brings the ferocity out of those songs, and that’s what she did on Seth Meyers last night. She came off like a blazing rock star, even if she was singing about not feeling like a blazing rock star. Watch her performance below.

Tell Me How You Really Feel is out now on Milk/Mom + Pop.