Olympic Air Plays A Muzak “Broken Wings” On Takeoff And Landing

The best part of being married is whenever I say “My wife,” I break into Borat.

My wife she is dead … she die in the field … she die from work, an accident, but is not important, I have a new wife.

I’ve got some suitcases to unpack, a million e-mails to read, and a voicemail from my hosting company about an “illegal MP3″ (Jim, can’t I leave you alone for a minute?). Sooooo, proper update TK. In the meantime, here’s some fodder for the watercooler:

  • Americans continue to ignore Robbie Williams while MTV Europe airs “Tripping” every half hour. Even Liam Gallagher likes it! This Robbie marketing banner, however, is a bit too cheeky, d’ya know what I mean? (NSFW link via Neil.)

  • Add “Nature Anthem” by Insound Fashionistas Grandaddy to the list of cool songs in commercials. The band’s Honda Civic spot can be viewed here (WMV).

  • Do you love the ’80s? Bet not this much: eBay: Rare Thompson Twins Spectrum game. (Via Malatron.)

  • Speaking of eBay, This guy’s selling his pants ’cause he’s not Rod Stewart and he’s not in Queen. Link via Justin.

  • New tune from our American Music Club friend: Mark Eitzel – “My Pet Rat” (MP3) via Largehearted Boy.

  • “A million dowloads” gets OK Go lotsa love on Good Morning America. Watch Diane Sawyer’s favorite viral video come to life here (WMV).

  • Howard Stern’s got a few more weeks until he goes satellite, leaving us with Diamond Dave and Adam Corolla. A reader reports on Weezer’s 10/17 visit:

    Pretty interesting interview with Weezer on Howard Stern this morning. Rivers has been celibate for 2 and a half years … It’s okay to like Weezer. Really.

    If you say so. Is it okay to like Matt Sharp? Third Rentals CD is apparently on the way. Relive the first time you wondered, “Wait … are they singing about, like, Johnny Depp’s band?” at MySpace (audio) and TheRentals.com (video).

  • New Four Tet single is a joy. Anyone got audio?

  • Sufjan Stevens’ ode to John Wayne Gacy has a fan among Nip/Tuck’s music supervisors. For those with Relevant tastes: iBelieve turns your Shuffle into a cross (via Will).

  • New Kate Bush video for “King Of The Mountain” … REAL | WMV

  • From David Spade’s Showbiz Show: Scott Weiland on file sharing VS pretty pennies (WMV). Link via Brian.

  • Madonna at Misshapes? How en Vogue. Watch her body move to the music in the new “Hung Up” video (PC Only).

  • Rosa Parks shills for Apple in the afterlife?

  • New Burnside Project CD is their best yet. Download non-Billy Joel cover Burnside Project – “And So It Goes” (MP3), and check out Richard’s latest completely unauthorized remix: Antony and The Johnsons – “My Lady Story (Pocket Mix)” (MP3). The band’s equipment was recently stolen (again). If you see any of their gear for sale in the NYC area, e-mail the boys at burnsideproject @ yahoo.com.

  • Hem, Scott Stereogum’s favorite contemporary folk act, plays Sin-é 11/1 to benefit Reprieve, a non-profit that works to provide legal and humanitarian assistance to people facing the death penalty. Go.

  • Badly Drawn Boy, listen up: Sirius is launching an all-Springsteen station next week to coincide with the 30th annniversary re-release of Born to Run. Also the new Uncut CD features some cool Boss covers from Tom Russell and Mary Lou Lord., while the upcoming Smallville soundtrack collects the uncool Minnie Driver-sung “Hungry Heart” (and H.I.M.’s version of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”).

  • Killers VS Fall Out Boy is the new Killers VS Bravery.

  • Those who asked about our wedding music: The band was great, but the thing with wedding bands is that they don’t like you to tell them EXACTLY what to play, which I can understand. So I gave them a list of suggestions. Their versions of Beyonce, Outkast, Nelly, and other NOW! faves got everyone dancing. Our “walk back” song, post-vows, was “Mr. Blue Sky,” which I think worked really well.