Watch A Preview For A Truly Ridiculous Reality Show About Robin Thicke And Singers In Crazy Masks

Here’s a fun and utterly absurd idea for a reality show: 12 singers compete against each other, with one being eliminated every week. The singers aren’t unknowns. They’re already famous. But because they’re wearing crazy and elaborate masks, we don’t know who they are. Neither do the show’s judges. We only find out the singers’ identities when they’re eliminated from the show.

That’s the idea behind The Masked Singer, Fox’s latest entry into the increasingly crowded singing-competition market. It’s an adaptation of a South Korean show with the delightful title King Of Mask Singer. The show’s judges represent a baffling array of talent: Robin Thicke, former lead Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, and noted music experts Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong. Also, Nick Cannon is hosting it. With that level of talent already involved, how could these mystery stars not be massive household names?

Robin Thicke shared a trailer for the show today, and I’ll be goddamned if it doesn’t look amazing. The main reason why this show looks great has nothing to do with music or celebrity. Instead, it’s the costumes — a fever-dream fusion of Broadway, lucha libre, and slasher-movie aesthetics. Personally, I hope the stars are never unmasked and Gas-Mask Nightmare Moose becomes a pop sensation instead. Watch the preview below.

The Masked Singer debuts 1/2 of next year on Fox. So try to keep that New Years Eve hangover going for an extra 24 hours so that it can be properly cured by this.