Watch The Breeders & Melkbelly Cover John Carpenter’s Halloween Theme

The Breeders are cool people who do cool things. This was true way the hell back in the early ’90s, and it remains true today. Case in point: Last night, the Breeders played the Stone Pony, the legendary venue in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Chicago noise-poppers Melkbelly opened for them. And during their encore, as this Reddit thread points out, the Breeders brought all the members of Melkbelly today and proceeded to play the theme music from John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic Halloween.

Halloween is, of course, going through a renaissance right now. David Gordon Green’s new sequel is currently in theaters, and it’s a massive hit. Carpenter did the music for the new one, just as he did for the first Halloween 40 years ago. The Breeders saw the movie while touring, and they decided to learn the music, presumably because it’s awesome.

But Halloween doesn’t need to be having a moment for something like this to happen. Rappers have been sampling that creepy-ass music for decades, and I’m pretty sure I had it as a ringtone for a while. The Breeders and Melkbelly made it sound awesome, and they looked like they were having fun up there. Here’s a fan-made video:

According to, the Breeders followed that one up by covering Guided By Voices’ “Shocker In Gloomtown.” As previously stated: Cool people who do cool things.