Watch Ariana Grande & James Corden Escape A Spooky Escape Room

Do you remember this summer when Ariana Grande mysteriously hurt her hand and everyone was like, “How did you hurt your hand, Ariana Grande?” and no one ever found out but then a lot of other things happened and then we all forgot about it? No?

We knew it happened around the time that Grande appeared on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, right after she got engaged to Pete Davidson but before they got a pet pig and broke up. Hasn’t 2018 been so looong? During the segment, Grande has her hand inexplicably wrapped in bandages the whole time, and it turns out it happened right before she sang her heart out in the passenger seat with Corden, when they decided to go visit a spooky Escape Room in Los Angeles.

Well, Corden saved up the segment for Halloween. “I love being scared. I think it’s so much fun,” Grande says. So they go to the Escape Room and they’re running around and having a good time and then a man crawls out in a creepy mask and Grande trips over Corden’s feet and lands hard on her hand and in the next shot she has a bandage there. That’s how it happened! OK, watch the Escape Room clip below.