Bruce Springsteen Duets With Eric Church & Tells Dirty Jokes At Veterans Fundraiser

Every year, Bruce Springsteen throws his Stand Up For Heroes benefit, a big show that raises money from injured veterans, in New York. And every year, he gets up on that stage and tells dirty jokes. The show is part of the New York Comedy Festival, and it always features comedians performing alongside musicians. (This year, Jon Stewart, Seth Meyers, Jim Gaffigan, and Jimmy Carr all shared the stage with the boss.) And so if Springsteen wants to pretend to be a comedian for a few minutes, are you going to tell him that it’s a bad idea?

Last night was this year’s Stand Up For Heroes show, and Springsteen avoided mentioning today’s elections during his short set. He did, however, tell a joke about a gifted pianist who gives his songs inappropriate titles. (According to, he also told one about a “voodoo penis,” but I haven’t been able to find footage of that one.)

Springsteen also played four songs, two of which were duets. He teamed up with Eric Church — the great country star who had big 2011 hit called “Springsteen” — to play his Born In The USA banger “Working On The Highway.” And he also got together with Patti Scialfa, his wife and E Street Bandmate, to sing “If I Should Fall Behind.” There were also solo-acoustic renditions of “Dancing In The Dark” and “This Hard Land.”

Below, watch footage of the pianist joke — maybe appropriately, it’s right after “This Hard Land” — as well as the Church and Scialfa duets, the solo songs, and Church’s own solo-acoustic “Still Standing Their Ground.”