Cherry Glazerr – “Daddi” Video

Cherry Glazerr – “Daddi” Video

“Where should I go daddi? What should I say?/ Where should I go daddi? Is it OK with you”/ Who should I fuck daddi? Is it you?” Such are the whimperings of Cherry Glazerr’s Clem Creevy on their new single “Daddi.”

Today, with the track’s release, the LA garage-pop outfit announce their fourth album Stuffed & Ready, the follow-up to their vicious 2017 record Apocalipstick. In addition to “Daddi,” the album includes “Juicy Socks,” the single they released this past spring.

Cherry Glazerr are often scorchingly furious and conceptually clever, but they’re more caustic than ever on “Daddi.” The darkly funny song volleys satirical pleas for permission from the title character over anxious drum machines and an eerie, taunting chord progression. Its chorus explodes the satire with a roar of distorted guitars: “Don’t hold my hand/ Don’t be my man!” Creevy shouts, before returning to her pseudo-whimpering as if nothing happened.

Although it’s intensely angry, there’s nothing cathartic about “Daddi.” Far from the therapeutic riot grrrl battlecry that the title might suggest, the song is an itchy, pressurized panic attack. Instead of offering relief, it immerses you in the kind of spiraling suffocation triggered when the threats and humiliations (both daily and systemic) of existing as a girl become too much. With “Daddi,” Cherry Glazerr aren’t preaching bad bitch empowerment, they’re just hoping for survival: “Smoking makes me taste like metal/ To keep you away.” Creevy’s protest is simply to make you experience what she feels.

The animated video directed by Danny Cole, which features an army of invincible blue claymation Daddies descending upon one lone orange figure, perfectly emphasizes the track’s instrumental claustrophobia and battle-march quality. Watch below.

01 “Ohio”
02 “Daddi”
03 “Wasted Nun”
04 “That’s Not My Real Life” (Feat. Delicate Steve)
05 “Self Explained”
06 “Isolation”
07 “Juicy Socks”
08 “Pieces”
09 “Stupid Fish”
10 “Distressor”

Stuffed & Ready is out 2/1 on Secret Canadian. Pre-order it here.

Cherry Glazerr
CREDIT: Pamela Littky

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