Richard Vain – “Ratz”

Jered Gummere, ex-frontman for the Ponys and Bare Mutants, is back with his newest project Richard Vain. What began as a pure solo project — according to the band’s official bio, early shows featured “just Jered, an iPad, a keyboard with a looping pedal, a guitar and sometimes a candle” — is now a post-punk threesome. (The other members are named Carbomb and Lugs.) Their debut LP Night Jammers is out in December, and today they’re sharing “Ratz.”

The single echoes the guitar-driven garage rock of Gummere’s past works, and it (along with all of Night Jammers) was mixed by Detroit garage rock luminary Jim Diamond, who produced Ponys’ Laced With Romance. But “Ratz” is packed with a fevered, dancier energy. “You know I’ll cut your fucking head off!” Gummere screams, and then the track dives into whirring distortion.

Listen to “Ratz” below.

1 “Tremors”
2 “Ratz”
3 “Behind The Eyes”
4 “Castles”
5 “One Two Far”
6 “Encounter”
7 “Tar Pits”
8 “Punks Inbred”
9 “Recluse”

Night Jammers is out 12/7 via Big Neck Records. Pre-order it here.