Even Better Than The Real Things

Well, not “better,” but Stereogum-approved nonetheless. Check out the latest cover songs rocking the blogosphere’s collective iTunes…

Magnolia Electric Co. – “Werewolves Of London” (Warren Zevon)
From the album Hard To Love A Man
Download MP3 at Bars And Guitars

Micah P. Hinson – “Yard Of Blonde Girls” (Jeff Buckley)
From the album Dream Brother: The Songs of Tim and Jeff Buckley
Download MP3 at Bopperenlarme

Brad Mehldau Trio – “She’s Leaving Home” (The Beatles)
From the album Day Is Done
Download MP3 at The Suburbs Are Killing Us

Calexico – “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Joy Division)
From the album Sweetheart 2005: Love Songs
Download MP3 at Gorilla Vs Bear

White Stripes – “Walking With A Ghost” (Tegan & Sara)
Coming to iTunes November 14. (Tip via Laura.)
Download MP3 at …

Sorry, you’re on your own with that last one. But it’s pretty awesome if you can find it (thanks anonymous e-mailer). Jack White knows a great pop tune when he hears one, even if it conjures images of Calgary siblings’ horrible haircuts.

UPDATE: Thanks Dodge for the link:
Jose Gonzalez – “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Joy Division)
From a concert in Stockholm.
Download MP3 at Songs: Illinois