Priors – “Heart Strings”

Montreal five-piece Priors pummel their listeners with spacey garage punk. And if street cred means anything to you, they’ve been backed by New Bomb Turks frontman and We Never Learn anthologist Eric Davidson, who wrote the bio for their forthcoming release New Pleasure.

The record, out next Friday via Slovenly, will follow-up 2017’s self-titled debut. They already shared “Got In Me” and “Sunshine,” and today we’re getting the album’s newest offering “Heart Strings.”

There’s enough distortion on the track to compress frontman Chance Hutchinson’s voice and stuff it somewhere far away, but it still hits spiked and metallic. His lyrics come out wailing and hostile yet starkly serious as he declares, “I’m dead inside and that’s the truth.” At just under three minutes, the song is long by punk standards, and the fuzz never stops multiplying. Listen to “Heart Strings” below. And while you’re at it, check out the New Pleasure tracklist.

01 “Life Pt. 1”
02 “Got In Me”
03 “Nature Boy”
04 “Provoked, Sunshine”
05 “Lonely Mind”
06 “At Your Leisure”
07 “Life Pt. 2”
08 “Bell Ringer”
09 “Heart Strings”
10 “I’m a Lush”
11 “Candy Station”
12 “Faithful”
13 “New Pleasure”

New Pleasure is out 11/16 via Solvenly Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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