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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

It didn’t make this week’s list, but at least if I’m understanding everything right, the Puerto Rican singer Ozuna’s new “Devuélveme” video takes place in a palatial mansion that’s inside the dome of a space station. That feels like we’re entering some mysterious, unexplored new area of balling out of control. This week’s picks are below.

5. Mitski – “Washing Machine Heart” (Dir. Zia Anger)

Mitski’s videos have a way of thoughtfully deconstructing the idea of glamour while, at the same time, being extremely glamorous themselves. That can’t be an easy thing to pull off!

4. Benny Blanco – “I Found You” (Feat. Calvin Harris) (Dir. Jake Schreier)

Hey, look! A bunch of famous people! And they look really happy! And they’re dancing! Sometimes, that’s really all you need. This video has Lil Dicky in it, and it’s still charming.

3. A$AP Rocky – “Fukk Sleep” (Feat. FKA twigs) (Dir. Diana Kunst)

Rocky and twigs might be absurdly beautiful futuristic fashion plates, but they still act like unruly teenagers. This video is full of strange and vivid imagery, but the best part is when they just straight-up trash a bodega for no reason.

2. Sheck Wes – “Wanted” (Dir. White Trash Tyler & Sheck Wes)

There is something so beautiful about the spectacle of a young New York rap star running around in his hometown, causing pandemonium wherever he goes. I dare you to watch this and not get excited.

1. Vince Staples – “FUN!” (Dir. Calmatic)

A stark and unflinching commentary on the touristic ways that so many of us consume rap music and the culture around it. That last shot felt like a punch in the stomach.