Watch Migos Submit To The Indignity Of Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

It’s Wednesday morning, and I think we’re all ready for some real deep clammy awkwardness. In the past month, two of the three members of Atlanta rap trio Migos have released solo albums, and those guys are playing the game very hard right now. So they have willingly gone ahead and done Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. So let’s all take a deep breath and dive in.

Among the begging-for-virality bits in this intense fourteen minutes of televised footage: James Corden asks the Migos about how they invented the dab, and then he apologizes, on behalf of middle-aged dads, for ruining it. James Corden asks the Migos to do ad-libs on Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” The Migos give James Corden a makeover. (Justin Bieber already did that. Apparently someone has decided that this is an evergreen joke.) James Corden attempts to convince the Migos that you can do ad-libs with a slide whistle. It goes on. And I mean it really goes on.

To get through this, I firmly recommend that you just focus on Takeoff. He’s not trying to get his face on camera as much as possible. He’s just existing in the moment. He’s telling James Corden that he can pull those clothes off if he just changes the way he feels about himself. He’s happily singing along with “Sweet Caroline,” oblivious to the lunkheaded comedy he’s supposed to be performing. He’s getting through this. We can get through this, too. It’s below.

Migos have so much music out in the world right now that it’s not even funny.

UPDATE: Neil Diamond approves!