Oh Sees – “Enrique El Cobrador” Video

A few months ago, the psychedelic Californian garage-rock institution Thee Oh Sees, operating under their just-plain Oh Sees alter-ego, released Smote Reverser, a new album with a bit of a Black Sabbath doom-metal influence. It ruled. And now they’ve made an extremely wild video for the album track “Enrique El Cobrador,” and it also rules.

Alexis Giroux directed the “Enrique El Cobrador” video and also animated it alongside Massimo Colarusso. It’s a vivid, surreal, deeply violent fantasy that apparently takes place on an alternate world where tribes of freaky-looking vertical-mouthed creatures go to war against each other. There’s a narrative to it, but good luck keeping up with it. Instead, you’re better off just going with it, taking in the far-out imagery however you can.

There is a lot of grossness in the video; we get to see, for instance, what these creatures look like when their heads get caved in by spiked clubs. But it’s plenty imaginative, too. As someone who spent last night having a blast while watching the fucked-up Nazi-zombie horror movie Overlord, I recommend it. Check it out below, via Consequence Of Sound.

Smote Reverser is out now on Castle Face Records.