Grimes Releasing “We Appreciate Power” Featuring HANA This Thursday

Grimes has had quite the year, though little of it has had to do with music. Outside of her extracurricular tabloid fodder with tech billionaire Elon Musk, the musician has popped up on a couple of collaborations in 2018, most recently with with Poppy and Jimmy Urine, but hasn’t released any new music of her own.

The last we heard from her on that front was back in June, when she posted a preview of two new tracks on social media and landed an ad placement in an Apple commercial with an unreleased song.

But today Grimes has refreshed her website, which includes some new t-shirts and merchandise designs and features a countdown clock, which is ticking away to late Wednesday night EST (aka Thursday at midnight). She’s also wiped her Instagram account, which is a thing famous people do now when they’re about to do something! On Twitter, she’s promised that new music is coming out on 11/29:

UPDATE: Grimes has shared the single art and song title, “We Appreciate Power.” It will feature her longtime collaborator HANA. “We submit to the robot overlords,” Grimes writes in the Instagram post. Check it out below.

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