Bethlehem Steel – “Fake Sweater” Video

Last year, Bethlehem Steel released their great debut album, Party Naked Forever, though the band’s been around for a lot longer than that. Becca Rsykalczyk has been making music for a while now, and in that time the group have become road warriors, and their new song “Fake Sweater” is all about the effects that the touring cycle has on your psyche. It simmers and swells around Rsykalczyk’s twisting phrase: “Will I be alright? I will be alright.”

In a press release, Rsykalczyk says that the track is “a song about trying to define your sadness while also being fine with letting it just be what it is, trusting in yourself that you’re strong enough to find the light.”

The track is included on Bethlehem Steel’s forthcoming split with Washer — we heard that band’s “Super Pop” last month. It comes with a music video directed by House Of Nod’s Adam Kolodny that acts as a great exercise in tension control, elevating the standard band-playing-in-a-dark-room trope into an interpretive dance with battles against shadows.

Listen and watch below.

The Bethlehem Steel/Washer split is out 11/30 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.