Perfect Son – “It’s For Life”

Perfect Son is Tobiasz Biliński, a Polish musician who used to be part of the heavy synthpop band Coldair. Biliński left Coldair just as that band was starting to find success, and he ventured off on his own. He recently signed with Sub Pop, the label that will release his debut album Cast early next year.

As Perfect Son, Biliński makes hard, streamlined pop music, building waves of pulsating keyboards up around his impressive, expressive voice. “It’s For Life,” the first single he’s shared from Cast, is pretty and bleak and meditative, like what might’ve happened if Death Cab For Cutie had decided to go full electroclash in 2001. Below, listen to “It’s For Life” and check out the tracklist for Cast.

01 “Reel Me”
02 “Lust”
03 “It’s For Life”
04 “Old Desires”
05 “So Divine”
06 “Promises”
07 “High Hopes”
08 “My Body Wants”
09 “Wax”
10 “Almost Mine”

Cast is out 2/15 on Sub Pop.

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