Turnstile – “Disco / Time + Space” Video

A Turnstile live show is a fucking war zone. The Baltimore-born band might be the biggest thing happening in hardcore right now, even if they are currently serving as opening act for Buffalo OGs Every Time I Die. And when they play, kids go off. Bodies fly everywhere. The pit spills all the way to the back of the room. The energy doesn’t let up until the show is over. It’s a blast. You should go see them if you can.

Earlier this year, Turnstile released Time + Space, their first album for the big metal label Roadrunner. It’s a sharper, more produced album than anything they’ve done before. But it still has all that restless unstable energy, and it hasn’t dulled their live show any. The video for the album’s title track makes that case clearly enough.

Director Atiba Jefferson starts the “Time + Space” video with an image of a frozen crowd, set to “Disco,” an instrumental interlude from the album. But when the main song kicks in, everything goes nuts. Jefferson has captured the bedlam of a Turnstile show in ecstatic slow motion, and he’s also reversed the film, so it looks like these stagedivers are returning to their feet on the stage. It has a weird, powerful, narcotic effect. Check it out below.

Time + Space is out now on Roadrunner.