AFI – “Trash Bat”

Next month, veteran Californian goth-punk superstars AFI will release the new EP The Missing Man. We’ve already heard the early song “Get Dark,” and now AFI have shared another one called “Trash Bat.” You probably already know whether you’re interested in hearing an AFI song called “Trash Bat.”

“Trash Bat” is a giddy two-minute pummel with a big surf-punk guitar riff, some tremendous tumbling drums, and Davey Havok doing his impression of Robert Smith doing his impression of Glenn Danzig. If you have any love in your heart for dramatic Warped Tour swoon-mosh music, then you should carve out 131 seconds for it.

Of the new song, AFI guitarist Jade Puget, who also produced the EP, said:

This was the ideal song to kick off the EP. From Adam’s big drum fill at the top all the way through to the end, it’s just a quick burst of frenetic energy. I brought the song in and was playing it for Davey and he threw out the line, “my Trash Bat” and I thought, how can you lose with a title like that? What is a Trash Bat anyway? Who cares!

The Missing Man is out 12/7.

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