Toto Release 1981 Outtake “Devil’s Tower” — Will Weezer Cover It?

Toto had a brief return to the cultural consciousness earlier this year when Weezer struck alt-radio gold by covering the cheese-rockers 1982 megahit “Africa,” which they released only after covering a different song, “Rosanna.” Toto had some fun with that by returning the favor and covering Weezer’s “Hash Pipe,” both on stage and in the studio.

But Toto is still kicking around as a band on their own, doing their own things, and they recently released a career-spanning box set called All In that contained a whole album’s worth of previously unreleased or extremely hard to find songs called Old Is New.

One of those songs is the 1981 outtake “Devil’s Tower,” which has never been released. The version that’s included on Old Is New features the original’s instrumentation while also adding in some recently recorded backing vocals and extra guitar parts.

That’s all well and good! And now the only question that remains is… Will Weezer cover it?

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