John Mulaney Describes Taking Pete Davidson To A Steely Dan Concert

There are two types of comedians in this world: Those who seem like they’d be into Steely Dan and those who do not. Pete Davidson, the SNL guy, used to be engaged to Ariana Grande. He appears to be very good friends with Machine Gun Kelly. He does not seem like he’d be into Steely Dan. But Davidson is also friends with John Mulaney, who looks like the Pet Shop Boys and who is the kind of comedian who does seem like he’d be into Steely Dan. And apparently, John Mulaney took Pete Davidson to a Steely Dan show.

Last night, Mulaney was a guest on The Tonight Showthe one where Grimes played — and he told a story about hanging out with Davidson at a couple of shows. Mulaney reports that he took both Davidson and Jerry Seinfeld to see Bob Dylan at New York’s Beacon Theatre, and that Davidson did not know a single Dylan song. He also reports that he took Davidson to a Steely Dan show at the very same venue.

Davidson, to hear Mulaney tell it, not only didn’t know anything about Steely Dan; he didn’t even know they were a band. But even though people simply do not stand at Steely Dan shows, Davidson somehow incited the entire crowd to stand. This is an entertaining story when John Mulaney tells it, and he tells it below.

I once saw Steely Dan, and everyone was standing, but it was Coachella, so there you go.