In Memoriam: Bands We Lost In 2018

Another year gone by means a few dozen more popular bands broke up, but not Coldplay. (No offense to them but imagine how psyched people would be if Coldplay called it quits now and reunited for Bonnaroo 2031.) For the 11th time, Matt Neatock and I have compiled this loving Oscars-style tribute to all the acts who were overcome by creative differences and/or lack of income this year. To be eligible for this supercut, a band had to finalize its exit in this calendar year (i.e., no planned releases or farewell shows in 2019) and not be too obscure, though the latter requirement may get stretched a bit. In lieu of making it official, these days many bands announce an “indefinite hiatus” — in those cases, I used my judgment (hi Harmonizers). Also I’ve excluded bands that were cancelled because a member was accused of misconduct, since this video is supposed to be lighthearted. Thanks to all of these groups for the music; hopefully they’ll be booked for Warped/FYF/Sasquatch!/etc. in heaven.