angelic milk – “Acid & Coca-Cola”

Angelic milk come from St. Petersburg, Russia, and they make a version of pop music that’s so bright and loud and disorienting that it sometimes crosses over into shoegaze territory. They were a Band To Watch three years ago, and now they’re getting ready to release their full-length debut DIVINE BIKER LOVE, which hits our shores at the beginning of next year. We’ve already posted their song “Celebrate,” and now they’ve shared another one called “Acid & Coca-Cola.”

“Acid & Coca-Cola” is a hard song to describe. It sounds a bit like early Sleigh Bells, a bit like recent-vintage Grimes, and a bit like Katy Perry if something went deeply wrong. It’s fun! The song has some of the gooey distance of shoegaze and some of the hard-slamming immediacy of big-money pop music. And since it comes from Russia, it’s hard to tell whether there’s irony in it or whether the sneering disdain in singer Sarah Persephona’s voice is just what happens when you sing English in a Russian accent. Check it out below.

DIVINE BIKER LOVE is out 1/11 via PNKSLM Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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