Watch A Genuinely Delightful Cardi B Do Carpool Karaoke With James Corden

The people want to see James Corden rapping. That’s what they must’ve decided. At some CBS executive meeting, someone must’ve made the calculation that Corden, a British musical-theater dork, needs to be spitting more bars during Carpool Karaoke. Corden’s signature bit, previously reserved for pop music legends and supernovas, has lately opened up to rap stars. Last month, the Migos did a paralyzingly awkward Carpool Karaoke installment. And last night, Cardi B — the estranged wife of Migos member Offset and the woman who made the best rap album of 2018 — took part in the whole rigamarole.

And you know what? It’s not bad! I mean, it’s bad. It’s not a thing that should exist. James Corden does a lot of rapping. He also forces corny comedy bits where Cardi, who owns five cars but doesn’t drive, takes a driving lesson, or where she performs at a senior center. You will probably wince at least a few times if you sit through the whole thing.

But Cardi, one of the few famous people who seems to take enormous delight in being famous, is just a joy to watch. She raps out the window, holding a water bottle up like it’s a microphone! She yells hello to groups of children in a park, telling them to stay in school and also to buy her single! She does as badly as she could possibly do at the driving lesson! So if you feel like watching a star be a star, that happens below.

Invasion Of Privacy, the best rap album of 2018, is out now on Atlantic/KSR.