Watch Samantha Bee’s “Egg Nog” Music Video With Jon Stewart, Eric Andre, Jonathan Van Ness, & More

Christmas is just a couple days away, so chances are you’ve been hearing a lot of seasonal music — including “Do They Know It’s Christmas?,” the ’80s charity single that featured a ton of huge stars. Sting, Bono, Phil Collins, they were all there. The song was not the only of its kind that decade; there was also, of course, “We Are The World,” which boasted an even more impressive array of artists, all showing up to sing a couple of words each. These songs have been remade over the years for different causes — the young stars of the ’80s originals now the elder statesmen passing the torch. But there’s still something uniquely ’80s about them, collecting then-middle-aged classic rockers with the ascendant pop names of the time, all in service of a globally-minded schmaltz ballad.

Apparently in the holiday spirit, Samantha Bee has now offered up a parody of those old singles revolving around … egg nog. “In 1986, a bunch of artists got together to give the world something no one was asking for… ” the clip begins, poking fun at the tension between the fact that these songs were intended for good causes, but could also feel like self-congratulatory celeb behavior. And also the songs themselves usually suck. Bee’s is no different, it’s got all the same syrupy sentimentality in the music, it’s just that this time we’re answering the world’s thirst with egg nog. Probably not the best option, to be honest. “It’s like swallowing something that you halfway coughed up,” Patton Oswalt explains a minute in.

Oswalt’s not the only recognizable face Bee corralled for the parody. If you’re going to make fun of an all-star get together, you have to have some impressive names yourself. So Bee wrangled Jonathan Van Ness, Olivia Munn, and Eric Andre, among several others. Jon Stewart shows up as Bob Dylan. Fittingly, ’80s stars like Jon Cryer, Molly Ringwald, and Matthew Broderick are involved, too. Check it out below.