Valee – “About U” (Feat. DRAM)

G.O.O.D. Music affiliate Valee released an excellent EP this year that we named one of 2018’s finest. The Chicagoan debuted a one-off single with internet star Matt Ox in the fall, and now he’s back with a new track featuring none other than DRAM.

Valee typically delivers his verses in a near-whisper, while DRAM’s bombastic personality drives his biggest songs. On “About U” they meet somewhere in the middle to create something that is hushed and ruminating. “All this dope I got, all this dope I got/ This still ain’t as dope as you,” Valee raps on the first verse. DRAM comes in toward the end: “If you see a ho walkin’ with me, we friends with benefits/ Ain’t this what you think, but what you think is not my business.”

Please enjoy the cute album art and listen to “About U” below.

Tags: DRAM, Valee