Stream Strange Ranger’s Surprise EP etc.

Stream Strange Ranger’s Surprise EP etc.

In recent years the Montana-founded, Portland-based group Strange Ranger have been among the most enjoyable purveyors of old-school Pacific NW indie rock. (We named them one of the best new bands of 2016, in fact.) Today they’ve followed up October’s How It All Went By EP with another short collection called etc. The closing track, a dreamy electronic instrumental called “Chill Dill,” features fellow Oregon musician Dylan M. Howe.

On Twitter, the band explains that the surprise EP is a fundraiser: “hey everyone happy almost new year. here’s a lil ep. were going to be touring and doing a lot of stuff this year but our van is out of commission so if you’ve got any dollars to throw at us, it’d help us out a ton.” On Bandcamp, you can buy etc. for $4 (or more, if you’re feeling like a generous patron of the arts).

Stream and purchase etc. below.

Strange Ranger’s last full-length album was 2017’s Daymoon.

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