Watch Screaming Females Cover Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” & “Breed”

Right now, the world is facing a drought of monstrous, bomb-dropping power trios. But on New Years Eve, the best one that we’ve got saluted the best of all time. Screaming Females have been one of the best things on the American indie rock underground for many years, and they started out 2019 by proving themselves perfectly capable of covering a couple of iconic Nirvana songs and playing that shit like they meant it.

At their New Years Eve show at Chicago’s Beat Kitchen, Jersey natives Screaming Females pulled some ecstatic whoops from the crowd when they launched into “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” a song that most bands, I would think, would be too self-conscious to cover today. Marissa Paternoster grinned when the song started up, but she wasn’t joking, and the band wasn’t stopping there, either. As “Teen Spirit” ended, they fired directly into the Nevermind rager “Breed.” And they weren’t fucking around with that one either.

Good songs! This might be a good moment to remind you that Screaming Females’ All At Once was one of the best under-the-radar rock records of 2018. Watch video of the two covers below.

All At Once is out now on Don Giovanni.