Jonny Greenwood, AKA Marty Funkhauser, Pays Tribute To The Late Bob Einstein

Today the world mourns the loss of Bob Einstein, the actor and comedian who created the daredevil character Super Dave Osborne, starred as Larry Middleman on Arrested Development, and played Marty Funkhauser on Curb Your Enthusiasm. You may be surprised to learn that Jonny Greenwood is among those publicly paying tribute to Einstein, who died at age 76 after a recent cancer diagnosis.

On Twitter, the Radiohead guitarist and acclaimed film-score composer shared praise for Einstein’s work and announced that he checked into hotels under the name Marty Funkhauser on Radiohead’s last two tours in tribute to Einstein’s performance on Curb. He also shared a kind note from the staff of the Park Hyatt Chicago telling “Mr. Funkhauser” they appreciate his business and hope he enjoyed his stay.

After one of his friends from Oxford directed his attention to Einstein’s death, Greenwood wrote, “So sad to hear this. He was amazing in Curb: I was Marty Funkhouser on the last two Radiohead tours in tribute to his beautifully pitched performance. So subtle. And to think it was all improvised.”

Check out the tweets below, and R.I.P. to a master.