Stream T-Rextasy’s New Album Prehysteria

Stream T-Rextasy’s New Album Prehysteria

In 2016, the New York DIY crew T-Rextasy released the enormously likable DIY album Jurassic Punk. And today, a day when there’s precious little new music out there to distract you, they’ve followed it up with their sophomore LP Prehysteria.

The band produced Prehysteria themselves, and it’s got a lot of the same jumpy, nervous energy as the band’s first album. It’s also got a tremendous sense of fun working for it. T-Rextasy make warmly angular indie-pop, but there’s plenty of pop-punk in there, too, and at least a little bit of ’90s mall-ska, a genre that is overdue for some kind of revival. (Vampire Weekend tried.) There are huge doo-wop hooks all over the LP, and there are plenty of fun touches like the moment on “Theme From Prehysteria” where all the band members introduce themselves, or the way they reinterpret the classic kids’ song “Down Down Baby” on “Baby.”

In a press release, bassist Annie Fidoten says “This album is about nostalgia and isolation and growing up and identities. It’s also about coming together and throwing out this fuck you to anybody who has any opinion about how we conduct ourselves. Enough of that. On with the madness.” We’ve already posted the early tracks “Girl, Friend” and “The Zit Song.” Right now, the whole album is out, and you can stream it below.

Prehysteria is out now, and you can buy it at Bandcamp.

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