Parquet Courts & Daniele Luppi – “Talisa” (Feat. Karen O) Video

Parquet Courts & Daniele Luppi – “Talisa” (Feat. Karen O) Video

Last year, New York postpunk brainiacs Parquet Courts released Wide Awake!, one of the year’s better straight-up indie rock albums. But before they did that, they went left. At the end of 2017, Parquet Courts teamed up with Daniele Luppi, an Italian composer and Jack White/Norah Jones collaborator. Together with Luppi, the band made MILANO, a weird lark of a concept album. And they’re only just now getting around to releasing a music video for “Talisa,” that album’s single.

On “Talisa,” Luppi and Parquet Courts join forces with Yeah Yeah Yeahs leader Karen O. It’s a jittery rock jam that also serves as a cool opportunity to hear great, singular New York rock forces from two different generations combining their efforts. Mostly, the video serves as a nice reminder that the song exists. Good song!

Director Diego Araujo’s clip looks soft and grainy, like a European thriller from the early ’70s. It tells the story of a photographer who takes the pictures of two models and who struggles to maintain control. I thought that the video would end with them killing him or something. That doesn’t happen, but the ominous feeling lingers. Check it out below.

MILANO is out now on 30th Century Records.

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