Cherry Glazerr – “Wasted Nun” Video (NSFW)

Cherry Glazerr – “Wasted Nun” Video (NSFW)

The new Cherry Glazerr album, Stuffed & Ready, is incredible. Clementine Creevy has mastered the art of writing gleaming, glamorous alt-rock songs with ugliness at their core. It’s one of the best possible outcomes of all this late ’90s nostalgia we’ve been cycling through lately.

Case in point: “Wasted Nun,” which joins “Daddi” and “Juicy Socks” as the album’s latest single, is a note-perfect buzz bin anthem tinged by noirish doom. The verse’s metallic power-chord chug gives way to an even heavier chorus, both of them carried by Creevy’s magnificent sense of melody. The bridge brushes off all the sludge to let the essential poppiness shine through before those guitars come charging in again at the end. “I’m a wasted girl!” Creevy cries repeatedly. It’s intense.

In a press release, Creevy explains:

“Wasted Nun” is about a woman trying to come to grips with her life. She’s a tragic woman. She hates herself and is trying to move through the world but gets deflated by extreme self-loathing. She wants to harness the power of the universe but instead she turns to self-destruction. The song is aggressive and intense because I’m letting out my anger, I’m enraged. People want girls to be strong, I want to be strong, but I just feel angry, and those are two very different things. There’s a stubbornness there, I know.

Director Jess Calleiro’s video — slightly NSFW due to some brief nipple shots — definitely captures that vibe. Watch below.

Stuffed & Ready is out 2/1 on Secretly Canadian. Pre-order it here.

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