Good Shade – “Must Have Been”

Shane Natalie is a veteran of the Columbus punk scene who has played in a zillion bands (Tight Bros, Pretty Pretty, the Sidekicks) and recorded a zillion others (All Dogs, didi, Bomb The Music Industry). He’s been making records as Good Shade since 2013; the most recent, Lunch, came out on Jeff Rosenstock’s Quote Unquote Records, while a fourth is set for release this year on Dirtnap.

The new album, Way Out, is preceded today by lead single “Must Have Been,” a frantic rhythm bomb that reminds me how poppy punk can become without tipping over into pop-punk in the Warped Tour sense of the phrase. Anyone who admires the late, great Pete Shelley will probably vibe with Natalie’s nervy vocals and unpredictable chord changes here.

Listen below, where you can also find the Way Out tracklist.

01 “Maybe”
02 “We Were Wrong”
03 “Must Have Been”
04 “Apnea”
05 “We’re Open”
06 “Hurry It Up”
07 “Credit Score”
08 “Something’s Wrong”
09 “401”
10 “I Don’t Want Anymore”
11 “Just Leave”
12 “Where To”

Way Out is out 2/15 on Dirtnap.

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