The Who Plan New Studio Album, US Tour

The Who are going on tour this year and potentially releasing a new album, according to a new interview with Pete Townshend in Rolling Stone. The album will be their first since 2006’s Endless Wire. Right now, Townshend has 15 demos that still need vocals from Roger Daltrey, but he hopes those will be done later this year in time for a release in 2019.

Townshend describes the new material as a mix of “dark ballads, heavy rock stuff, experimental electronica, sampled stuff and cliched Who-ish tunes that began with a guitar that goes yanga-dang.” He also said that, after he sent it to Daltrey last year, he didn’t get back to him:

I had to bully him to respond and then it wasn’t the response I wanted. He just blathered for a while and in the end I really stamped my foot and said, ‘Roger, I don’t care if you really like this stuff. You have to sing it. You’ll like it in 10 years time.’

As for the tour, it’ll see the band members tour with local symphony orchestras who will accompany them to play songs from Tommy, Quadrophenia, and their greatest hits and some obscurities. The dates are already solidified, though they aren’t announcing them just yet. But it’ll happen in two legs, starting with the East Coast in May and then the West in the fall.

One stop they definitely won’t be making is the 50th Woodstock anniversary circus: “What would be the point?” Daltrey told Rolling Stone, continuing:

I can’t work outside in the heat anymore like that in August. It’ll kill me. I got really big problems with heat now due to my meningitis. But I think they should do it with young bands. I don’t see why they should have us there. And they couldn’t afford us anyway!

Read the full interview here.