Sir Babygirl – “Everyone Is A Bad Friend”

Next month, Sir Babygirl is releasing her debut album, Crush On Me. The three songs we’ve heard from it so far — “Heels,” “Flirting With Her,” and “Haunted House” — have all been balls-to-the-wall, capital-P pop songs, but the next thing Kelsie Hogue is offering up is a bit more subdued.

It’s still Sir Babygirl, though, so it’s not without some dramatic flourishes, but “Everyone Is A Bad Friend” is comparatively muted, built on an entrancing circular guitar that swishes like water and a drum machine that sparkles and squelches.

Hogue’s voice pans from left to right in an underlying chorus of doubt while, in the foreground, she tries to come to terms with whether or not she’s fully there for the people that pass through her life. “Everyone I meet I think is gonna die/ So we shake our hands/ And we say our goodbyes,” she sings at one particularly fatalistic part. “‘Cus everyone I meet/ I think is gonna die/ But I’ll never know for sure.”

Listen via The Fader below.

Crush On Me is out 2/15 via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.

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