Stephen Malkmus – “Viktor Borgia” Video

Stephen Malkmus – “Viktor Borgia” Video

Stephen Malkmus has spent the last 13 years making an electronic record. It was ready last year, but Matador shelved it in favor of something a bit more straightforward. So the former Pavement frontman made an on-brand guitar album with the Jicks. Now that the Sparkle Hard album cycle has wrapped, his electronic venture is getting its due. In an interview last week, Malkmus revealed a few crucial details about the forthcoming record. And today, he’s officially announcing it and sharing lead single “Viktor Borgia.”

Groove Denied — out 3/15 via Matador — is the indie legend’s first solo album since 2001’s self-titled debut, and it sees him at his most exploratory and rebellious. “Viktor Borgia” is robotic, tilting towards ’80s digitized funk. Malkmus’ voice echoes behind the track’s twists and drones, and the lyrics attain Dr. Seuss-level rhymage. In the music video, Malkmus dances alone in a club, messing with red lasers. Then, he turns into a Sims-like avatar of himself and dance-battles a random businessman and a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Ariana Grande. It’s a good kind of weird.

Watch and listen below.

01 “Belziger Faceplant”
02 “A Bit Wilder”
03 “Viktor Borgia”
04 “Come Get Me”
05 “Forget Your Place”
06 “Rushing The Acid Frat”
07 “Love The Door”
08 “Bossviscerate”
09 “Ocean of Revenge”
10 “Grown Nothing”

Groove Denied is out 3/15 via Matador.

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