Pixies Prep New Album, Making-Of Podcast Series

Pixies have announced that they’ll release a new album in September. It’s the band’s first since 2016’s Head Carrier and their second with the lineup — Joey Santiago, Black Francis, David Lovering, and Paz Lenchantin — that made that album. It was written throughout 2018 and recorded in December at Dreamland Recordings outside of Woodstock, NY.

The band are pairing the new album with a podcast that’ll offer access to their creative development every step of the way. Pixies have partnered with podcast company Signal Co. No1 to create Past Is Prologue, a 12-episode weekly podcast that’ll start airing in June and end around the time that the album is release. It’ll be hosted by Tony Fletcher.

“While the emphasis of the Podcast will be on the creation of the new album and looking forward, we were very interested, from a story perspective, in the way history has shaped who the Pixies are, and how and what they are creating now, how the past creates the present,” Signal Co. No1 co-founder Michael Simons said in a press release.

For now, there’s a trailer that you can watch:

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