BlocBoy JB Sues Fortnite Creators Over “Shoot” Dance

BlocBoy JB has filed a lawsuit against Epic Games, the company behind the popular video game Fortnite Battle Royale, as TMZ reports.

The suit alleges that Epic stole his viral “Shoot” dance and put it in the game. BlocBoy says he’s the creator of the dance, and while he doesn’t have a registered copyright on it, he popularized it and is now in the process of obtaining ownership of the choreography. The moves are accessible in the Fortnite game under the name “Hype” dance.

Late last year, BlocBoy JB took to Twitter to ask “Should I Sue Fortnite Or Nah.” The dance in question gained popularity in 2017 when BlocBoy debuted the song “Shoot.” Fortnite’s version of the move came out in May 2018.

BlocBoy JB isn’t the only artist to sue Epic Games over their use of dance moves in Fortnite. In December, rapper 2 Milly filed a suit against the company, as did Alfonso Ribeiro, the Fresh Prince actor who popularized the “Carlton” dance.