Mini Dresses – “Rank And File”

Mini Dresses – “Rank And File”

It wasn’t until 2017 that Mini Dresses codified all of the music they made through the six-plus years they’ve been together into a great little self-titled debut. Thankfully, it hasn’t taken the Boston-based trio nearly as long to put together a sophomore album. They’ve just announced that a new full-length, Heaven Sent, is due out in March, and they’ve also shared its first single, “Rank And File.”

It’s a deceptively simple track that really unlocks with repeated listens, which demonstrates how everything slots together like a puzzle. It starts with Lira Mondal’s voice, which speak-sings before sliding into enchanting melodies that in turn give way to a water-logged rhythm. She repeats the title phrase over like a chant, falling in line while trying to keep it all together.

Listen below.

01 “I’d Notice”
02 “Rank And File”
03 “Heaven Sent”
04 “Lady Running”
05 “Shadow Play”
06 “Dark One”
07 “Open Mind”
08 “Good Eye”
09 “Once Or Twice”
10 “The One Who Heard You.

Heaven Sent is out 3/22 via Joy Void Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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