Aimee Mann & Ted Leo Launch The Art Of Process Podcast With First Guest Wyatt Cenac

Ted Leo and Aimee Mann are two great singers and songwriters who come from vastly different worlds. Mann was an MTV-feted new wave veteran around the time Leo was getting his first basement punk bands going. And yet, for years now, they have found common ground. Back in 2014, they formed a duo called the Both and released a very good self-titled album. It would be cool to get another album from the Both, and maybe we still will. But rather than that, they’ve gotten started on a whole new creative venture: A podcast!

There are, of course, a whole lot of musicians with podcasts. But this one in particular should be on your radar because Mann and Leo are both naturals. They’re funny, smart people who clearly enjoy being around each other, and they both have plenty of connections in the comedy world, so they can be relied upon to get some entertaining guests. They have strong, pleasant, resonant radio voices. And they’re only doing this thing biweekly, so they won’t be cluttering up your already-cluttered feed too badly. (I’m operating under the assumption that, if you listen to podcasts, your feed is already too cluttered.)

The podcast is called The Art Of Process, and the idea behind it is that creative stuff takes a whole lot of work, and they want to get into the nuts and bolts of that work. The first episode is up now, and it features Wyatt Cenac, the stand-up comic, former Daily Show correspondent, and current host of HBO’s Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas. You can listen to it here, or just by searching for it on your podcast app like a sane person.