Sex Pistol Hates Everyone

From Sunday’s New York Post:

Steve Jones says today’s crop of radio-ready “punk” bands make him sick to his stomach. Jones, now a popular L.A. deejay who was recently hired as Stuff magazine’s music editor, tells the macho monthly: “Knuckleheads like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte are told what to do, and they do it, you know? It’s a shame that they’re disguising it under the word ‘punk.’ It’s a bunch of fucking shit, you know?” The ornery ax-man also says he hates Coldplay and he finds singer Chris Martin “pretentious and obnoxious.” He has no love for angst-ridden rockers like Linkin Park and Sum 41, either. “The vocals are what really get on my nerves,” Jones says. “They’re singing about emotions, crying and getting in touch with your feelings – that is not rock ‘n’ roll, man.”

Wait until he hears about the new Moby album. In related news, Peter Murphy wants My Chemical Romance to know that if you sell $50 XXL hoodies at Hot Topic, your band’s not goth. And George Jones wants Rick Moranis to go back under whatever fucking rock he crawled out from!